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Legal Malpractice cases are brought against lawyers who negligently represent a client. Conduct may include failing to file a complaint before the statute of limitations runs, missing a deadline to file a pleading or notice of appeal, or failing to adequately prepare for a hearing or trial. Lawyers thus commit malpractice when their representation of a client falls short of the applicable legal or ethical standards expected of the lawyer.

Our Experience

Although not the focus of the firm, Criden & Love has over the years handled a few legal malpractice cases.  Those cases are listed below.

Sample Cases

Dorfman v. David H. Reimer P.A., Reimer & Rosenthal, LLP and David H. Reimer (Circuit Court, Broward County, Florida)

 Criden & Love brought legal malpractice action on behalf of Dorfman against law firms for, among other things, (1) entering into business contracts with client without proper disclosures, the option to seek advice of independent counsel, or informed consent; (2) failed to adequately document business transactions between the parties; (3) failed to disclose material facts; (4) failed to withdraw from representation when confronted with an “unwaivable conflict”; (5) failed to supervise; and (6) failed to comply with the Florida Bar’s Trust Accounting Rules.; confidential settlement.

Jerk Machine, Inc. v. Ruden, McClosky, P.A. (Circuit Court, Broward County, Florida)

Criden & Love brought legal malpractice action on behalf of Jerk Machine, a Jamaican restaurant, alleging that the law firm committed legal malpractice by not reviewing final documents before its client, Jerk Machine, signed the documents resulting in a different agreement being executed; settled for $550,000.

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