In Shea v. New York Life Ins. Co., Case No. 96-0746 (S.D. Fla.), upon approving a settlement valued at approximately $190,000,000 and representing a 100% recovery, Judge Nesbitt remarked: There is no question about it, it’s an extraordinary settlement.  The settlement represents an optimal, as the Plaintiffs say, recovery, and I think that’s the right word, when compared not only with the range of recovery in other cases that have been summarized for me, but other cases in my experience. And I think that took extraordinary skill, expertise and knowledge about the market, about class actions, about the Defendants’ business. I just don’t think that just an ordinary firm, even one that specializes in class actions, could have done a better job...

And all of this is, you know, requires ability, it requires skill and it requires being adroit at what you’re doing. And not just the average attorney, I don’t think, could have done it in such a skilled and proficient way. So the experience and reputation of the attorneys in this case are beyond question.

In approving a $13 million settlement in Aylward v. PaineWebber, Case No. 96-2831 (S.D. Fla.), District Judge Lenard noted: It seems like this was an excellent result for all the members of the class, and it was a job well done . . .

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The Firm maintains an excellent reputation among the plaintiff and defense bars. Our adversaries and co-counsel know that we are ready, willing and able to take on complex cases through trial.

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